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So, What Do Windows Cost?

WSOC-TV interviewed me recently about replacement windows. I spoke with Caroline Renfro who posed some of the important questions homeowners ask about window replacement. “What do windows cost?” It’s a very good question because homeowners are confused by the different prices they see advertised, especially the windows that are promoted at $165 to $189.

Let’s begin with what America’s leading consumer magazine says: on average, a quality replacement window—installed—should cost somewhere between $600 and $900 a window. The variance there, of course, is due to the size of the window, the options you choose, as well as the difficulty of the installation.

My advice is, research, research, research! Do your research first! And get a written price quote. You are making an important update to your home and you want to make decision that works for you.

And there are some questions you should be asking. For example, are the windows going to be insulated? Insulation should be included in the quote because it’s such a big part of the job. And yet we replace windows that were installed without insulation. Brrrrr… no wonder these windows needed replacing.

Ask who will be doing the installing. And how are the installers being paid? By the hour or by the window? Ask about their warranty. What’s covered and for how long?

Also, look for an Energy Star label. That Energy Star label tells you that you’ll be able to save at least 15% on your annual utility bill.

These are all components of a good quality replacement window—proper installation by experienced professionals, windows that meet federal energy efficiency standards or exceed them, and finally a great warranty. It’s not just about the glass, you know!

All of Mr. Rogers Windows are insulated to keep your home comfortable winter and summer. We do not subcontract. Our contractors are paid by the hour, not by the window. So you know you are getting a good job, not a rush job. And we offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. Worry-free windows for life! Check out my video on why buy Andersen windows and details about window installation.

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Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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