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Which Windows Block UV Rays?

Hi, I hope you can answer our question since I saw some stuff about UV rays on your site.

We (my husband and I) bought new windows two years ago from another company. We got the Low-E because we were concerned about our hardwood floors and furniture and we didn’t want it to fade from UV rays.

But the windows haven’t done squat. Our floor and some of our furniture is faded and we are working on trying to restore it. We just want to know what to do. The windows with the Low-E didn’t work. We don’t want our home to get any more damage.

You’ve run into a common window myth. And unfortunately, a lot of window salesmen don’t even know this:

Not all Low-E windows block UV rays.

Let me back up: Low-E is a layer or layers of invisible metal applied to the glass of a window. This layer of metal helps reflect heat. It keeps the sun’s heat out in the summer and your home’s heat inside during winter.

Every company has a different formula for Low-E. They use different metals, different layers, and different amounts. That’s why not all windows block UV rays. Renewal by Andersen FIBREX windows block UV rays because they have an innovative silver oxide coating. And their newest invention, SmartSun glass, blocks up to 99% of UV rays while still letting in light.

Since you just bought new windows, though, you probably don’t want to replace them. I suggest getting thermal window treatments. These are window blinds, but insulated. Keep them pulled down during the day to protect your home from UV rays. Or you could get window-tinting film. This is a film you apply to your windows to make them dark (like bank windows), and it will block most UV rays. Any home improvement store should carry this.

If you want to find out more about Low-E, UV rays, and energy-efficiency, check this out: The Science Behind Energy-Efficient Glass

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