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Do you have windows with blinds in the glass?

We have Provia patio doors with blinds between the glass, but there are several reasons why I do not carry windows with blinds in the glass:

First of all, you are simply going to lose on energy efficiency. The reason being is that when you put blinds between glass you really cannot create a “sealed” space. The best energy-efficient windows still consist of two pieces of glass with a gas fill sandwiched in between to slow down heat loss. You lose the seal once you introduce another element in the space. And it’s valuable space too, being taken up by a blind!

So in order to achieve the same energy efficiency you enjoy with a regular energy-efficient window without blinds in between, you have to go to a triple pane window. Once you do that, your cost factor is going to soar. They’re expensive. And let’s not forget that they are still not sealed where the blind is! The triple pane construction is actually a storm panel butterfly-clipped on.

Other reasons? Plenty. If something goes wrong with the blinds between the glass, you are going to experience some difficulties in terms of repair, and if you ever decide to change the décor and you need to change the window treatments, you are stuck with the color and design. In both cases you are most likely looking at replacing the whole window.

Frankly, the whole blinds between the glass fad has become a bit of a dinosaur, thanks to all the problems and issues people have experienced with them.

A much better (cheaper in the long run) option I suggest is to hire a window treatment consultant or an interior decorator and just explore all the wonderful window treatment options you could possibly get for your windows. There is so much choice out there these days, why limit yourself with a blinds-between-the-glass window!

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Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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