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What to Do with a Window That Won’t Close or Lock After Being Left Open in the Rain

After leaving  a window open during a rainstorm, you may find it hard to close or even lock the window.  The following are some things you can do to deal with the problem:

Window that won’t close

If your window is just difficult to close, the water that seeped in might have caused your window to expand.  Wait until the outdoor temperature is cooler, probably at night, and then maybe the window will contract back to its original size and close normally. If this doesn’t work, you may need a hammer to force your window to close or you may ask for help from somebody to close it. You can also chisel the window down to adjust the size until it closes. The problem with this, though, is that when the window contracts back to its original size, there could be a big gap, causing the window not to seal properly anymore.  If this happens, you might need to replace your window.

If you did everything to try and close your window but have failed, you may need to replace your window.  In the meantime, to address the security issue of an open window, you should screw in a board that fits your window.

Window that won’t lock

In case your window does close but won’t lock, you may need to replace your window.  To temporarily lock it, you can use a stick to hold the window sash in place.  The size of the stick can be measured from the top of the bottom or lower sash to the window jamb at the head of your window.

When it comes to windows that don’t close or lock because of rain, security becomes the real issue even above energy efficiency.  Make sure you temporarily seal your window if replacement is needed or before professional help arrives.


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