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What’s The Best Window to Stop Sunlight From Bleaching Cabinets and Floors?

I have several windows that have a broken seal, I would like a free estimate.  I also have a large window in the kitchen that the sun comes in and bleaches our floor and cabinets.  Is there a tinted window?

Brenda McGowan

I’m sorry to hear about the seal failure on your windows. I’m looking at a window with a failed seal right now. We took it out of a home about a year ago, and we kept it because it’s so fogged up you can barely see out of it. It’s frustrating to deal with fogged windows.

You can definitely get a free estimate. We provide in-home estimates so you can get the information you need before making a decision for your replacement windows. We’ll go over all the window styles, colors, hardware, and grills. Then we’ll measure the windows you’re thinking about replacing in order to ensure an accurate estimate and worry free performance (No more fog. Guaranteed.).

As for the window that’s bleaching your cabinet and floors, you mentioned a tinted window. We do carry those, and if that’s what you want, you’ll get it. But did you know that tinted windows still let in a lot of the ultraviolet rays responsible for the bleaching? That’s in addition to being dark and blocking out sunlight…

We offer a new glass option that sounds perfect for your kitchen. It’s called SmartSun glass, and right now I’m giving it away free in support of the Stimulus Energy Tax Credit. SmartSun glass blocks 95% of UV rays that are damaging your cabinets—but without room-darkening tint. Plus it reduces the amount of heat gain you feel inside during the summer as well as the cold you feel around your windows in winter temperatures.

And don’t forget to get the details that will save you up to $1500 on your taxes this year and next. It’s a tax credit for energy-efficient replacement windows.

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows


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