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Training & Certification

Mr. Rogers University: The Go-To Place For Home Improvement Training

The number one problem with home improvement products is not manufacturing defects—it’s installation. I take pride in the fact that customers consistently rank Mr. Rogers Windows (MRW) #1 for product installation.

Since the beginning of MRW, every homeowner has received professional installation from a certified employee. No subcontracted work. Homeowners want to be confident in the installation, and only professional installers can give them that. Which is why I created Mr. Rogers University.

The University began in 2001, when we needed to expand our warehouse. I used that opportunity to finally create a place where I could teach all our installers everything I have learned. Over the years, I developed a set of repeatable processes. From sales, to customer service, to installation, I have the business down to a science.

Now when a new employee joins our team, they get certified at Mr. Rogers University. This ensures that customers get the utmost service out of their experiences as well as the best performance from their windows and doors. We’re constantly developing new, relevant methods and techniques to keep up with changing technology, too.

The model of Mr. Rogers University helps fuel MRW’s success, and other companies continue to take note. Today, other area home improvement companies turn to MRW and the University for support and training.

It’s a model I hope to spread. Home improvement businesses and contractors have a bad reputation for being dishonest or incompetent. I’m happy to do anything I can to bring credibility to the industry and quality to homeowners.