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Tips On Stopping Window Condensation

Hello. My neighbor has a problem with moisture pooling on the bottom of his windows. This is a 12 yr old house in Michigan. It gets on all the windows along the bottom 2-3 inches. It doesn’t matter if the blinds are open or not. The humidity level low 40% in a 1500sq foot house. Any ideas?

Anytime there is a big difference between the temperature of the air and a surface, condensation is going to happen. Imagine a cold soft drink in a can on a hot day. The greater the difference, the worse the problem.

Energy-inefficient windows have the same problem, especially in the winter. You keep your inside air warm, but the window glass gets cold. Since you’re in Michigan, where the temperature outside is so cold, the humidity in your house doesn’t have to be that high for moisture to collect on your windows.

While 40% humidity is in the normal range, your neighbor can do a few things to stop excess moisture from building up. Tell him to run exhaust fans when cooking or taking a shower. If he doesn’t have an exhaust fan, crack a window. He should also check that his house is properly ventilated. If the system isn’t working right, moisture builds up instead of going outside.

Assuming none of that is the problem, your neighbor’s best bet to permanently solve this problem is to get new replacement windows. Technology has come a long way in 12 years. The glass and spacers in new double pane windows
don’t transfer heat or cold like the older ones, so there won’t be a big difference between the temperature of the air inside and the glass in your window. The moisture should be gone for good.

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