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Andersen Windows Sustainability & Fibrex Composite Material

Clients have often asked what exactly it means to claim 'environmentally friendly', 'green' or offer 'sustainability' when it comes to windows. Here's a great video from Andersen's vp of corporate sustainability and quality. Jim Glasnapp is in the Bayport, MN plant interviewing employees and Read more

Andersen Sustainable Replacement Windows Earn Certification For Recycled Materials

“Going green” is the big thing in business these days. You probably see a lot of products with labels like ”all natural” or “green.” If you’re skeptical of those claims, you’re smart. A lot of all natural foods, for example, are still heavily processed and contain ingredients unhealthy for Read more

Fibrex Replacement Windows Look As Good As New

The Case History series explores innovative solutions to window and door problems. The Problem: When the Dabuls bought their new house, the windows were a huge sore spot. They were difficult to open and close, hard to clean, and let in cold drafts. Even worse, several windows were starting to Read more