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What paperwork is required for the 2010 Energy Tax Credit?

Here's a guide to the paperwork you’ll need in order to verify the federal energy tax credit for your 2010 energy efficient window or door installation. Tax season rolls around quickly once the holidays are over, so get into that shoebox and dig out the following documents: 1. A copy of your Mr. Read more

How much is the energy tax credit for 2011?

Well, there’s been a lot of hopeful enthusiasm about energy tax credits in 2011. In fact, in September the Home Star program was promising to match a homeowner’s saved energy dollars based on previous energy consumption. Our hopes were dashed in the Senate last night as the bill sent to President Read more

Take Advantage of Window Tax Credits & Rebates Before They Expire

You don’t have much time left. If you undecided about replacing your windows and/or doors, it's time to get off the fence! The cold weather is just around the corner, and you have undoubtedly heard all the chatter from your tax advisers, the federal government and of course replacement window Read more

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Hurt My Resell Value?

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Help Or Hurt My Resell Value? I get asked this question very often, in one form or another. So when I came across it again online I tried to respond. Unfortunately the comments were closed, and that's why I'm posting it now. Read more

IRS Says 30/30 Requirements For Replacement Window Tax Credit To Be Effective June 2

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a “Safe Harbor” provision to ease some of the confusion about the new energy tax credit for replacement windows, doors, and skylights. Under the provision, previous energy-efficiency standards were retroactively put in place for a limited time, Read more