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I’m looking to install a ‘secure’ entry door on an elderly relative’s home. What’s the best core material for strength?

You could add a full iron bar security door, if you want to, but why cover up an entry door with ugly iron bars when you can keep the beauty of the front door and still be secure? So to “beef up” the door itself for maximum security, here are my four recommendations: • A Steel Door: It’s Read more

Your Front Door is the ideal spot for your home’s Crown Jewels

I recently got a chance to talk with Caroline Renfro at WSOC-TV about front entry doors. In this short video I call your front door the ‘crown jewels’ of your home. Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. When you have an attractive door, you enhance your home Read more

Customer Reviews Entry Door After 15 Years

I just have to share this note from an email I received from veteran customer, Mr. Blakeney. Notes like this make my day! "My wife asked me the other day how many times did I think the sliding door going from our bedroom to the deck had been opened since it was installed. I got to thinking Read more

Can a House with One Door be Changed to a Two Door Frame?

Great question. I am assuming what you'd like to do is put a side-by-side, double entry door in place of the one you currently have. Yes, that is very possible. The minimum that needs to happen is to enlarge the opening and put in a new header. That may be easier said than done. There are a lot Read more

Steel, Fiberglass Doors Prevent Burglaries & Home Invasions

Are you worried about home break-ins around your neighborhood?  I just listened to an article from NPR, that states crime trends are showing spikes in localized areas related to the poor economy. Although national statistics show lower crime rates overall, there are localized pockets where crime Read more

How To Get Your Energy Tax Credit For New Windows And Doors

Customers have been asking a lot of questions about the new energy tax credit for home improvements. The federal government is giving big tax incentives for replacing windows and doors to save energy. I made this quick video to answer some of the questions: Energy Tax Credit for New Windows @ Read more

Should I Reinforce Door Locks With Metal?

Question: I’ve been trying to find information about a product that claims to reinforce your lock. The company says locks and deadbolts aren’t good enough because the lock area is just wood, and that you need to reinforce the lock to be safe. Do you think this worth the money? Answer: I Read more