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Is there an energy tax credit for windows/doors purchased in 2011?

Yes, but there were some changes made to the federal tax credit program in 2010, which still apply for  2011. The maximum deduction for Energy Star qualified windows was capped at $200. Energy Star qualified doors fare somewhat better with a cap of $500, which is the maximum deduction allowable Read more

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Hurt My Resell Value?

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Help Or Hurt My Resell Value? I get asked this question very often, in one form or another. So when I came across it again online I tried to respond. Unfortunately the comments were closed, and that's why I'm posting it now. Read more

What’s The Best Window to Stop Sunlight From Bleaching Cabinets and Floors?

Question: I have several windows that have a broken seal, I would like a free estimate.  I also have a large window in the kitchen that the sun comes in and bleaches our floor and cabinets.  Is there a tinted window? Brenda McGowan Answer: I’m sorry to hear about the seal failure on your Read more

The Easiest Way To Get Your $1,500 Tax Credit? Free SmartSun Glass…

Since the new energy tax credit passed back in February, every customer wants their piece of the Stimulus. Getting paid $1,500 for choosing top-rated replacement windows is a win-win. So obviously homeowners have been asking which windows qualify for the credit. The answer is any window with Read more

How To Get Your Energy Tax Credit For New Windows And Doors

Customers have been asking a lot of questions about the new energy tax credit for home improvements. The federal government is giving big tax incentives for replacing windows and doors to save energy. I made this quick video to answer some of the questions: Energy Tax Credit for New Windows @ Read more

Energy Tax Replacement Windows Pricing

Answers to Your Pricing Questions about Replacement Windows You know exactly what you want from replacement windows: quality, good looks, durability, and energy-efficiency… at a great price. But some companies would rather confuse you with a too-good-to-be-true price and leave you wondering if you Read more