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French patio doors look beautiful but are they secure?

Andersen’s Frenchwood® hinged patio doors are not only beautiful, they’re safe and secure in several ways. First, all of Andersen’s patio door models are made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass. But it’s Andersen’s five-point locking system that really seals the Read more

How Much Do Auxiliary Footlocks for Sliding Doors Cost?

Great question! Below I have provided a link to the Andersen online parts website. This site will enable you to locate and order an auxiliary foot lock for patio doors online or provide you telephone numbers to call and talk with someone to place your order. Huh, imagine that a telephone and a Read more

Expanding A Bedroom’s View With A Patio Door

The Case History series explores innovative solutions to window and door problems. The Mitchell’s trouble began when the one window in their master bedroom fogged up. They loved the view of the little creek winding through the woods out back, and now the fog had spoiled the view. The Mitchells Read more