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Can You Switch The Operating and Stationary Panels on a French Patio Door?

I want to reverse the sides on my swinging patio door. I would like to make the side that opens and closes be the stationary side and vice versa.

Can I do this without buying a brand new door?

Without knowing the specific make and model of your door, I would say probably not.

Patio doorframes have built-in parts for the stationary panel that would make it difficult to switch the two sides. Then there are holes for the locks in both panels and anchor points for the locking system. You would have to drill new holes and reinstall the locks. Weatherstripping and gaskets would be an issue too.

No matter what you do, don’t try to take the door out and reverse it. If you tried to pull the whole thing out and turn it around, then the exterior of the door, where any weatherproofing is, would be inside your home. The outside of your door would be exposed to the elements with no protection.

Overall, this isn’t a good choice for performance or looks. If you really want that stationary panel on the other side, you’ll probably save more time and money getting a new patio door.

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