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The Easiest Way To Get Your $1,500 Tax Credit? Free SmartSun Glass…

Since the new energy tax credit passed back in February, every customer wants their piece of the Stimulus. Getting paid $1,500 for choosing top-rated replacement windows is a win-win. So obviously homeowners have been asking which windows qualify for the credit. The answer is any window with SmartSun glass.

What is SmartSun? This short video will tell you everything:

Usually SmartSun glass is a premium upgrade. Like any window out there, the energy-efficient technologies that qualify you for the tax credit are extra. But like I said in the title to today’s post, you can get it for free. Here’s how:

Just buy 9 windows. You get a 10th window free, plus you get the free upgrade to SmartSun glass on every window. AND you get a $50 off coupon. AND you have the option of $99 a month financing. I’m going all out to help you get new replacement windows that qualify for the $1,500 energy tax credit.

You can read more about the offer right here.

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Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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