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Rumors about Vinyl Caused Frustration

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A couple recently told me they were frustrated by all the research they had done on replacement windows and still felt confused about making the best choice. They had heard terrible things about vinyl and didn’t want to make that mistake.

When you start researching windows, it’s like learning a whole new subject in school. And the focus is on the product rather than the company. What I suggested to this couple I thought may be helpful to share with you.

Before you can find a window that you like, you need to find a window professional that you like — and trust. Once you find a professional who is credible, reputable, experienced, knowledgeable and whom you can trust, you’ll find the window you want.

The product is only a small portion of the window project. The company that you choose to purchase the window from and to do the installation is every bit as important as the window itself!

I would recommend, therefore, that you begin your research by finding the best A+ rated companies through the Better Business Bureau. Ask the BBB for three recommendations. You will want to research and contact window companies that have been in business and members of the Bureau for ten or more years. These companies will no doubt have a long list of satisfied customers, and they will be happy to let you speak to them or drive by homes in your area where they have installed windows so you can see what the finished product looks like.

And let me stress the term “window companies” — not general contractors, not remodeling companies. You want the specialists, the “surgeons” so to speak.  That’s all window companies do — day in and day out  – they install windows. They are window experts.

So I say, if you are shopping for windows, keep doing your research, but just focus your research on the companies out there selling and installing windows. Research the company first and the right product will fall into place.

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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