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Replacement Windows Are Still A Sound Investment

My wife and I, plus our 3 kids (age 5, 3, and 1), live in the Chicago area. The house is always hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. All the windows and the back door are aluminum sliders. The problem is that the
draft between the sliders is incredible.

The worst is my kid’s room, it’s a big icebox. I just bought new windows for that room upstairs and for the family room. The cost to buy and install all 4 windows was $3000.00. Two of the windows are about 8 feet long. I want to do 4 more windows at about $2500.00 later on in the year. I just wanted to get upstairs done first to help the bedrooms. The estimate is pretty cheap considering the 2 others I received.

My question is:
We live in a subdivision. The housing market around here is in the dumps. Were the windows a bad investment? We’re considering moving in a few years. We were going to get a new roof too, but a realtor told me know one cares if a roof is new or not. It adds no value because every home has to have a roof. I am starting to worry about the worth of windows, but I want to be comfortable. Our house just got a new furnace 6 months ago, and I don’t want that to get overworked with always being on.


Aluminum frames kill your energy bills, so you made a smart investment by replacing your windows. Metal is a big conductor of heat and cold. The windows probably weren’t insulated either, which accounts for the multiplied “icebox” effect you’re having now with the rest of those aluminum windows.

You shouldn’t worry about the value of the window. They’re worth a good deal. “Remodeling Magazine” publishes a great annual report that lists investment value for many home improvement projects, including windows and doors. And it has regional information as well.

According to the 2008 Cost vs Value Report, you can recoup anywhere from 77-79% of your investment on replacement windows! It’s one of the best values on the list. Plus, you’ll have an easier time selling your house because you got rid of those drafty old aluminum sliders.

People know new replacement windows are the easiest way to protect themselves from skyrocketing energy costs. If 79% resale value isn’t enough, then add in your energy savings and increased comfort while you’re still living in the home. You can’t go wrong with energy-efficient windows.

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  1. home remodeling…

    Your home is your biggest investment in most cases, do it right….

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