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Should I Reinforce Door Locks With Metal?

I’ve been trying to find information about a product that claims to reinforce your lock. The company says locks and deadbolts aren’t good enough because the lock area is just wood, and that you need to reinforce the lock to be safe.

Do you think this worth the money?


I can’t comment on the quality of that product, but the information you got was right on.

Movies and TV don’t depict break-ins realistically. It’s very unlikely that an axe-wielding maniac will try to chop your door down, or that someone will shoot your lock off. Most thieves don’t even pick locks anymore!

The most common method of forced entry is simply to kick the door down. That’s because while deadbolts are metal, the lock area in the doorframe is wood. With a few well-placed kicks, the deadbolt busts through the wood!

But if you reinforce the wooden lock area with something else (like metal), it’s much, much harder to kick down. You might be able to kick it down—eventually. But burglars pick houses based on ease of access. If they can’t get in quickly and quietly, they’ll move on.

Because of that, when we install entry doors,  we include reinforced lock plates standard. With a quality deadbolt and a lock area reinforced with 20-gauge steel, your house and family are safer.

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