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Can you recommend a fire safety ladder for my 2-story home?

Yes, the product is called a permanent escape and rescue ladder and it can be installed just below the window. Here’s how it works: the ladder is recessed into the interior wall beneath a window, usually a second or third story window. It attaches securely to the wall’s studs, so it’s going to be sturdy and strong.

The ladder can support a lot of weight—several adults at a time—yet it’s lightweight, easy enough for a child to use, and can be deployed in seconds. The ease of use is really important, because in home fires seconds really do count. A few seconds can mean the difference between safety and injury. You know, it’s not pleasant to think about, but the sad reality is that most fire-related deaths result from smoke inhalation when people get trapped in upstairs rooms.

So it’s a great for homeowners because it’s such a wonderful innovation and it will give you such peace of mind… just knowing that it’s installed in your home. Neat, discreet, and ready if you need it. So visit this website for information about the permanent fire safety ladder. It can be professionally installed or if you’re handy, you can do it yourself.

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