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Tips On Good Patio Door Locks

Do you know any reliable after market locks for sliding patio doors? I’m not talking about those bars you put in the tracks, but an actual lock (like on a real door) you can use to secure it. Thanks.


The best lock for a sliding glass patio door is a quality footlock. It’s like a deadbolt that you attach to the bottom of your door. To lock it, you just tap it with your foot and a metal rod extends into the track. Once set, your
patio door can’t slide open.

Example of a patio door footlock

Typical patio door footlock

Most hardware stores sell different types of footlocks. They usually run about $12-20, and all you need to install one is a drill. I just looked on Google and found several:

Patio door footlocks

You’ll find more information about footlocks and patio door securityhere: Patio Doors Locks and Security.

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