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  • French Patio Door
    French Patio Door

Keeping Them Honest!

Recently the Better Business Bureau of Dallas challenged a well-known window company as part of their ongoing local advertising review. They just want to make sure that the company’s ads are not misleading to consumers. We’re smart shoppers, right? We know that advertised claims might be Read more

It seems hard to believe you can buy and install a decent window for less than 200 bucks… Can you shed some light on how they do that? Sandy

Sandy, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Sure, we all need to save money during tough economic times, so a “good deal” catches our eye. But like you said, the price is “hard-to-believe”. And chances are that window is not the one they try to sell you when they come to your home. They Read more

What’s the scoop on fiberglass entry doors? The whole family’s coming in for the holidays and my wife wants to replace the door. ~ Alec

Today you can buy a stunning entrance door made out of fiberglass, Alec. The doors looks like wood, feels like wood, but it’s fiberglass! Your holiday guests will be green with envy because today’s fiberglass entry doors are gorgeous – you know that rich, classic look of old wood that just makes a Read more

What is the lead paint issue surrounding the removal of windows from older homes? ~Mike

Lead-based paint is often found in homes built in 1978 or earlier. That year is the time when the federal government banned lead-based paint from housing. Before then, no one really knew just how hazardous deteriorating lead paint or lead paint dust released during renovations really was. But now Read more

Do I still need to put storm windows over new energy-efficient windows? Rob

Glad you asked this, Rob. The answer is—absolutely not! Storm windows were invented many, many years ago for a very different type of window—a very high-maintenance window. Not sure how young or old you are, but maybe you recall those old windows with all the little panes. The panes were held Read more

My kitchen sliding door is hard to open and close. It’s a builder grade vinyl door. What are replacement options? Matt

Matt, first off, let me tell you that the reason you are having problems with your patio door is because it’s vinyl. Problem with vinyl is that it just doesn’t hold up. Think about it: you wouldn’t climb a vinyl ladder! You wouldn’t cross a vinyl bridge! You really got to think twice about Read more

We’ve got really old windows on our Dutch colonial home. How do we maintain the architecture and get energy-efficient windows?

Good news! You don’t have to give up the appearance and the structural ability of yesterday’s windows to get today’s technology. You just don’t. Choose window frames made of “engineered” lumber because they combine today’s technology with the beauty of real wood. Window frames made of today’s Read more

What windows keep the house as cool as possible, despite the outdoor heat? What should I look for on the label?

Great question, William. We are all feeling the heat this summer both temperature wise and in our wallets, so it is most important to get a window that is going to keep the heat outside and keep you cool inside while saving you money on your utility bills. Be sure you get a window that has Low Read more

What paperwork is required for the 2010 Energy Tax Credit?

Here's a guide to the paperwork you’ll need in order to verify the federal energy tax credit for your 2010 energy efficient window or door installation. Tax season rolls around quickly once the holidays are over, so get into that shoebox and dig out the following documents: 1. A copy of your Mr. Read more

How much is the energy tax credit for 2011?

Well, there’s been a lot of hopeful enthusiasm about energy tax credits in 2011. In fact, in September the Home Star program was promising to match a homeowner’s saved energy dollars based on previous energy consumption. Our hopes were dashed in the Senate last night as the bill sent to President Read more