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  • Entry Door with Transom and Sidelites
    Entry Door with Transom and Sidelites

Can casement windows be replaced with double hung?

Yes, casement windows can be replaced with double hung windows. There are a number of considerations when switching window types, including height and width of the opening, load bearing, and how the window is attached, or mulled, to the window next to it. Another option for side-by-side casement Read more

What is a “full frame” window replacement?

Good question, because I’m not sure many homeowners know they can choose between a “complete” (full frame) window replacement or inserting a replacement window. Let me explain. Most window replacements involve removing an existing window and inserting a replacement window. During the Read more

Do I need to add UV blocking film to my windows? ~Carrie

Glad you asked this, because I’ve got some interesting facts for you! While film coverings have been manufactured to block damaging UV rays from passing through your windows, you may want to check the UV effectiveness of the window glass you have now. Especially if your windows are newer. As you Read more

What’s the best window style if you prefer to open them frequently?

You are doing the right thing by opening up your windows now and then. It’s good for you, and good for your home. The indoor air quality of the average home is a real health concern, because we tend to have items around that we don’t necessarily think of as harmful—everyday household cleaning and Read more

Can you recommend a fire safety ladder for my 2-story home?

Yes, the product is called a permanent escape and rescue ladder and it can be installed just below the window. Here’s how it works: the ladder is recessed into the interior wall beneath a window, usually a second or third story window. It attaches securely to the wall’s studs, so it’s going to be Read more

So, What Do Windows Cost?

WSOC-TV interviewed me recently about replacement windows. I spoke with Caroline Renfro who posed some of the important questions homeowners ask about window replacement. “What do windows cost?” It’s a very good question because homeowners are confused by the different prices they see advertised, Read more

Do Blinds between the Glass improve energy efficiency? Alex

Good question, Alex! You know, it would seem that a window with a blind or a shade permanently sealed inside a window or door would offer greater energy efficiency. There are some companies out there that claim this is true. However, the key to understanding energy efficiency in windows is based Read more

Can I get a window that’s gray outside and cream inside?

Absolutely! Choosing one color for the outside of your house and a different color or wood veneer to suit the interior design of a room is not a problem at all, especially for a company like Renewal by Andersen, because they just don’t take the “one style fits all” approach to windows. They know you Read more

Your Front Door is the ideal spot for your home’s Crown Jewels

I recently got a chance to talk with Caroline Renfro at WSOC-TV about front entry doors. In this short video I call your front door the ‘crown jewels’ of your home. Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. When you have an attractive door, you enhance your home Read more

Neighbors talking to Neighbors courtesy of Kudzu

Don’t you love when someone recommends a business to you? Kudzu is the new website for home improvement recommendations. And the Kudzu representative came by our showroom recently to find out what makes our company special. They created this quick video with me for their website. They were Read more