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    French Patio Door

Replacement Window Companies stopped by FTC for Exaggerated Energy Claims

A recent article in the Washington Post reported that five companies had been under investigation by the FTC for “exaggerated and unsupported” marketing claims about the energy efficiency of their products, particularly replacement windows. I am glad to see news like this in the national press. Read more

Do you have window cleaning tips for Andersen double-hung windows?

We do. While it is pretty easy, there are some steps you have to follow. I recommend you check out my very short window cleaning tips video that takes you through the process. Or you can download my Window Cleaning Guide from my website! Either way, cleaning the glass is easy once you have your Read more

We have an existing door with sidelites that are clear. Do you sell a stained glass insert to cover?

No, but I understand what you mean and stained glass inserts to cover or hang over side lites do exist and I am going to direct you to the following website: Beautiful pieces. The company’s located in Savage, Minnesota. Check it out! Let me know if it works out Read more

This bathroom window was installed upside down. Can I reverse the fixed sash?

Rather than flip the sashes around, it’s best just to re-install the window itself correctly. A local handyman can do that for you in an hour. The main reason why you should just re-install the window is this: every glider window has an internal drainage systems in the bottom track. So, if the Read more

Can I get the High Transparency screens if I do not have Andersen windows?

The Tru Scene Screen is made especially to fit the Andersen Replacement Windows from Renewal by Andersen. They have special locking levers that are positioned to fit the Andersen window. The high transparency screen is made of a stainless steel mesh that has a finer weave and is made of a thinner Read more

Does a transom need to be made of tempered glass?

Yes! All glass in and around a door opening has to be tempered glass, according to all building codes. In fact, it is even more important that transom glass is tempered, simply because of the height of the transom from the ground. Tempered glass, remember, is type of safety glass. It’s been Read more

I’m looking to install a ‘secure’ entry door on an elderly relative’s home. What’s the best core material for strength?

You could add a full iron bar security door, if you want to, but why cover up an entry door with ugly iron bars when you can keep the beauty of the front door and still be secure? So to “beef up” the door itself for maximum security, here are my four recommendations: • A Steel Door: It’s Read more

Do you have windows with blinds in the glass?

We have Provia patio doors with blinds between the glass, but there are several reasons why I do not carry windows with blinds in the glass: First of all, you are simply going to lose on energy efficiency. The reason being is that when you put blinds between glass you really cannot create a Read more

Is there an energy tax credit for windows/doors purchased in 2011?

Yes, but there were some changes made to the federal tax credit program in 2010, which still apply for  2011. The maximum deduction for Energy Star qualified windows was capped at $200. Energy Star qualified doors fare somewhat better with a cap of $500, which is the maximum deduction allowable Read more

How long does your guarantee last?

The Unconditional Performance Guarantee lasts as long as you own your home—it means worry-free windows and doors for life. I realize that a lot of companies may promise the moon, but when you read the fine print, it’s a different story. A customer recently showed me a sales agreement from Pella Read more