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  • Entry Door with Transom and Sidelites
    Entry Door with Transom and Sidelites

Tips On Stopping Window Condensation

Question: Hello. My neighbor has a problem with moisture pooling on the bottom of his windows. This is a 12 yr old house in Michigan. It gets on all the windows along the bottom 2-3 inches. It doesn’t matter if the blinds are open or not. The humidity level low 40% in a 1500sq foot house. Any Read more

What Is A Good U-Factor For Replacement Windows?

Question: I need to replace my windows and would like them to be as efficient as economically feasible. Should the u factor be high or low? Also, what does the solar heat gain coefficient mean? Answer: This is a great question that a lot of people get tripped up on. U-factor (or U-Value) Read more

Which Windows Block UV Rays?

Question: Hi, I hope you can answer our question since I saw some stuff about UV rays on your site. We (my husband and I) bought new windows two years ago from another company. We got the Low-E because we were concerned about our hardwood floors and furniture and we didn’t want it to fade from Read more

Replacement Windows Are Still A Sound Investment

Question: My wife and I, plus our 3 kids (age 5, 3, and 1), live in the Chicago area. The house is always hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. All the windows and the back door are aluminum sliders. The problem is that the draft between the sliders is incredible. The worst is my kid’s Read more

Tips On Good Patio Door Locks

Question: Do you know any reliable after market locks for sliding patio doors? I’m not talking about those bars you put in the tracks, but an actual lock (like on a real door) you can use to secure it. Thanks. Answer: The best lock for a sliding glass patio door is a quality footlock. It’s Read more