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Mr. Rogers Windows

25 Years of Experience—At Your Service

You find out a lot about a home when you replace its windows and doors. With some homeowners replacing 30 windows and three doors, we’ll be in and out of every room in the house many times. Spend several days on the same project, and you’ll build a relationship with the homeowner. They’ll open up to you about problems all over the house. If it’s small, my installers and I fix it on the spot—no charge.

After 25 years, you can imagine we’ve been asked about everything under the sun: from plumbing to HVAC to little things (We once removed a poor bird that got trapped between a window and its screen).

That’s a lot of experience. Combine that with the relationships we’ve built with like-minded home improvement specialists, and we’re sitting on a wealth of knowledge.

Now it’s time to open up our resources to you. Just like our customers who ask me about all the aches and pains in their homes, I invite you to ask me anything and everything about improving your home. Whether it’s a pressing problem or just a curious itch in the back of your mind, ask away. If I don’t personally know the answer, I promise I’ll find someone who does.

So browse through the posts, ask a question, and join in the conversation. This blog is for you.

See ya ‘round the neighborhood.
Gerry Rogers