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Get Wood? Get Aluminum? What’s best for Windows?

When a friend asked me about wood or aluminum for replacement windows… I had to say, “Don’t get either!”

Why? The answer was simple — “You’ll be wasting your money.”

Aluminum is the most thermally inefficient material you could put around a window.  Think about it. There’s a reason why pots and pans are made from aluminum — it’s a great conductor of heat! Now, just think of aluminum all around your windows during cold winters and hot summers! You will be seeing the energy-efficiency of your home drop and your hydro bills rise.

Solid wood window frames are sturdy, but the reality is that the wood used for frames today is not old growth wood — it’s young lumber, from trees about ten to fifteen years old. Even though the wood is treated with chemicals, you’re not going to get the same strength and durability of those older wood windows. And let’s not forget that wood rots. And its high maintenance too.

As for vinyl, it may have been a great discovery back in the day, but research has shown that vinyl makes for a pretty weak window frame. Vinyl windows tend to warp and pull away from the house, leaving gaps or cracks. This can cause drafts, cold spots and fogged windows.

Which is why I told my friend that his best choice would be a frame made of a composite material, such as Renewal by Andersen’s FIBREX.

A FIBREX frame is not merely vinyl clad — it’s a composite of wood and vinyl. Thermal plastic polymers are added to wood fibers to make a strong, durable, maintenance-free frame. Think Trex decking.  You know how strong, durable and attractive Trex decks are…

So a composite frame is a smart frame.  Wood provides the strength and vinyl prevents the wood from rotting. Wood stops the vinyl from warping and vinyl keeps the frame maintenance-free.

It’s a marriage made in window heaven! A composite window frame is definitely the best buy – for energy efficiency, maintenance, looks and beauty.

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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