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What is the lead paint issue surrounding the removal of windows from older homes? ~Mike

Lead-based paint is often found in homes built in 1978 or earlier. That year is the time when the federal government banned lead-based paint from housing. Before then, no one really knew just how hazardous deteriorating lead paint or lead paint dust released during renovations really was.

But now we understand the dangers, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) wants to make sure that people and their families are safe if lead paint is present in a home and will be disturbed during renovations. If you think you have lead paint around your windows, on trim and sills, you should get it tested first. That’s your first step. Contractors you hire must be Lead-Safe Certified, that means they have gone through the necessary training to do the testing and removal properly. So if there is lead-based paint present, you know that it will be done right.

That’s the short answer, Mike. But I’ve got an entire web page dedicated to this important topic. So I recommend you take a look at our pictures and the steps we take to be in compliance with federal government regulations. Check it out! Lead Paint Removal

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