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My kitchen sliding door is hard to open and close. It’s a builder grade vinyl door. What are replacement options? Matt

Matt, first off, let me tell you that the reason you are having problems with your patio door is because it’s vinyl. Problem with vinyl is that it just doesn’t hold up. Think about it: you wouldn’t climb a vinyl ladder! You wouldn’t cross a vinyl bridge! You really got to think twice about installing another vinyl door because vinyl doesn’t have the strength. Vinyl expands and contracts five times more than wood or metal. And that’s not good for a door.

And remember, this is a door that’s getting a lot of use. You are opening and closing it, going in and out, especially now that it’s summer, you know, deck and patio season. So you are probably noticing things more—it’s not sliding as smoothly, the latch isn’t latching properly, a lot of other irritating things going on…

You’re much better off going with a combination door. Using a combination of wood and PermaShield® vinyl exterior you get a solid door that is attractive and won’t succumb to the weather extremes. The other thing that is important to evaluate when choosing a patio door is the track and roller system. You want a track that is solid and rollers that rock for the backward and forward motion of opening and closing a door.

And with any patio door, you also want to be think about security. You need a really solid door, that can’t be lifted up off the tracks. I write about the pitfalls of vinyl in the article: The Life Cycle of a Vinyl Sliding Door. Lots of reasons why vinyl is not the way to go for a sliding patio door. Check it out!

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