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How To Install A Peephole In a Metal Door

I just bought a new metal door that does not have a peephole. Can you I put a peephole in a metal door? And how would I do it?

Yes, you can put a peephole in a metal door just like you can in any door. You can even do it yourself. Here’s what you need to do.

First, before you do anything, check your warranty. Some doors have odd warranties, and you may void it by drilling into the door.

Assuming your warranty is in check, you need to measure the width of the door. Then go to a home improvement store and find a peephole that matches you door. Any home improvement store should have peepholes to fit your needs.

Since you door is metal, you need a drill bit made for metal. Ask at the home improvement store if you need help with this step. They should be able to point you to the right kind of bit.

Next mark the spot where you want the peephole. Usually that’s the center of the door and about five feet up from the floor. You may want to place another peephole lower down if you have kids. Mark the spot with an X.

Before you drill the hole, put on safety goggles or some kind of eye protection. Also prop the door open for safety—you don’t want anyone running into a drill (Yes, it happens!). Now drill the hole. Clean the edges with a screwdriver so the opening is smooth.

This next step depends on the type of peephole you have. Usually peepholes come in two pieces: the lens and the scope. Insert the lens piece from the outside. Then insert the scope from the inside. The two pieces should screw together.

That’s it, you’re done.

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