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Haiti Relief: Thanks to all who are making a difference!

red cross pic 2Earlier this year, we said we would donate $10 directly to the relief effort for each window we sold. Well, I am proud to announce that because of our great clients, we were able to donate $7,500 to give the American Red Cross International Fund! This will put aid in the hands of more than 1.3 million people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. I am so grateful to team up with everyone and make a difference. God truly blesses us all when we give!

Our support will provide items such as blankets, hygiene kits, and mosquito nets. The American Red Cross International also provides safe drinking water to more than 300,000 people daily. As stated by the Red Cross of Southeastern Virginia,

“American Red Cross volunteers have joined forces with Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers from around the world in a coordinated effort to meet both the immediate and long-term challenges that stand between chaos and recovery for the people of Haiti.”

Visit or call 757-446-7788 for more information. The recovery for Haiti is a long one. They need our help now more than ever!

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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