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Answers to Privacy and Security Concerns About Front Door Sidelites

sidelightsprivacyA friend who is shopping for a new front door for her home wants to brighten up the entry room. She’s considering a door with sidelites.  I think this is a great choice, but, she’s worried. Will she be giving up privacy and endangering her family’s security if she goes with a door with sidelites?

This is an important question!

When you close the front door to your home, you probably want to feel like your mail carrier, delivery people, your next door neighbors and people walking their dog down your street can’t glimpse inside through the sidelight.

You also want to know that when you lock your doors and windows, your home is as secure as it can possibly be. Having a pane of glass right next to the front door could seem like a vulnerability and risk.

I have answers (and good news) for my friend and for you too…

When you select a door with quality sidelites that are installed properly, you’ll have the benefits of a lighter and brighter entry to your home, a boost in curb appeal AND you won’t be giving up privacy and security.

All of our sidelites are made of tempered low-E glass (which means they are energy efficient too). The great thing about tempered glass is that it is “safety glass” which is around 4 or 5 times stronger than untreated glass. It is designed to withstand a higher level of contact than regular glass which makes it a strong and sturdy material for sidelites.

The choices available for sidelites not only let you get creative, but also help you maintain your family’s privacy. We offer 15 styles of art and privacy glass for sidelites. Our art glass is hand cut and handcrafted to complement your design and style. We rate our privacy glass options so that you can easily choose one with the level of privacy you’re looking for. We  sandwich our art glass between tempered glass panes which provides a 3-layered security for the sidelites in your home. This makes for easier cleaning too.

Set your worries aside and make a choice that reflects your style!

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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