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French patio doors look beautiful but are they secure?

Andersen’s Frenchwood® hinged patio doors are not only beautiful, they’re safe and secure in several ways.

First, all of Andersen’s patio door models are made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass.

But it’s Andersen’s five-point locking system that really seals the deal. Just as it sounds, this door locks five ways. Here’s how it works:

When you throw the deadbolt, which by the way is longer than the average deadbolt, you are in fact locking two other locks at the same time, one at the top that hooks downward and one at the bottom that hooks upward. These two hooks grab and literally capture the other door frame, holding it firmly in place. This means that the door cannot be jimmied, kicked in or even buffetted by high winds.

Now, there’s a locking system on the other panel, so when the handle on that door is closed to lock up, it drives a pin over an inch long upward into the header of the door
and another pin of the same length downward into the threshold of the door, firmly and securely holding that door into its frame. Again, no chance of the door being raised or lowered, jimmied or kicked in.

Five points of security!

Finally, let’s not forget that Andersen French patio doors are solidly constructed too, with solid wood on the interior and reinforced composite material on the exterior. As with all Andersen products, these doors are built to last—and endure.

Definitely, you and your family will sleep soundly if you have an Andersen French patio door. Here’s an interesting video that demonstrates this fantastic five-point locking system in action.

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