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French Doors: Secure Locks Meet Elegant Style

French Door Secure Locks Meet Elegant StyleUnfortunately, no matter where you live, your home is not immune to a break in. You probably already know this and make many of your purchasing decisions with the primary intention to keep your family and your possessions protected. This is especially true when it comes to exterior doors.

People I meet sometimes say to me…

“I love the look of French doors, but am worried about safety.”

They are drawn to the classic style of French doors, characterized by rectangular panes of glass. This is a popular type of patio door that is available hinged or even as a sliding glass door. But, the concern for many homeowners– and maybe for you too– is security. All of those panes of glass can appear to be points of vulnerability. For that reason, many people choose French doors only for the interior of their home.

I have reassuring news for those who fear that French doors aren’t safe as an exterior door…

You CAN rest easy knowing that French doors are a reliable and secure choice as a patio door. What you might not know is that all of our glass doors, whether they are sliding glass doors or French doors, are made from tempered glass. Heat-treated, tempered glass is 4 times stronger than regular glass. It won’t shatter like the glass panes you may be familiar with.

In addition to choosing a quality door made with tempered safety glass, experts suggest these 3 ways to keep your home safe from crime:

1. Alarms: There are a wide variety of alarms available for doors and windows to deter thieves. These include: motion detectors with lights, gate and perimeter alarms with lights and sound and alarms that alert a professional security company.

2. Storm resistant glass: This is not just for hurricanes; it’s also a maximum security measure. Some varieties of storm resistant glass are actually bullet-resistant.

3. Community Watch: You can get involved in your community and find out if there’s an active neighborhood watch and how you can support it. Local police often offer free talks to community watch groups and share valuable safety tips.

Another essential component of a reliable and secure patio door is the locking system. The beauty of our French doors is that they come with a sturdy five point locking system. The locks are spread throughout the bottom, top and center of the doors for more complete security. The center piece of the double French doors is actually incorporated into each door which strengthens them even more. An added bonus is the wide and unobstructed view you get when you open them.

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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