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Fibrex Replacement Windows Look As Good As New

The Case History series explores innovative solutions to window and door problems.

The Problem:
When the Dabuls bought their new house, the windows were a huge sore spot. They were difficult to open and close, hard to clean, and let in cold drafts. Even worse, several windows were starting to bow.

To make up for that weakness, the frames were big and thick. So thick, in fact, that the Dabuls could barely see out.

“I have a real nice backyard,” Lori said. “And with those bulky frames, you couldn’t enjoy it.”

The Solution:
The Dabul’s problem isn’t uncommon. Builder-grade windows and many replacement windows have thick frames to make up for the weakness of the material. Add in grilles and you create a bulky monstrosity that barely lets you enjoy the view.

Then the Dabuls saw the Fibrex windows. The frames were thin, especially compared to a replacement window. And since they wanted a lot of light, our salesperson suggested sliding windows, which have the thinnest frames of any style we offer.

But the Dabuls didn’t want to replace the windows if the color and style didn’t accent the traditional wood interior of their house. Luckily, Fibrex windows allow you to choose different tones on the inside and outside of the house. The Dabuls chose a wood interior and a Fibrex exterior. The windows looked as good as new.

“Since having the new windows installed, there’s a significant difference in the whole house,” Lori says. “It used to be really drafty, and the new windows just changed the whole feel of the house. We really notice the difference on our energy bills, as well.”

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows


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