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Is there an energy tax credit for windows/doors purchased in 2011?

Yes, but there were some changes made to the federal tax credit program in 2010, which still apply for  2011. The maximum deduction for Energy Star qualified windows was capped at $200. Energy Star qualified doors fare somewhat better with a cap of $500, which is the maximum deduction allowable across the board now.

You also need to know that these caps represent the new “lifetime limits” and are retroactive to 2005. So if you’ve taken some deductions already, you may have used your share. Check with your tax advisor.

And bear in mind that all the previous caveats and restrictions still apply, which means that eligibility for the tax credit depends on two things:

•    Only qualifying windows and doors that were purchased and installed on an existing home that was your principal residence are eligible, which excludes new construction and rental properties, and
•    Not all Energy Star products are automatically eligible. Your new windows and doors must have a U-Factor of .30 or less and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .30 or less. This info is easily found on the NFRC label that would have been on your window and/or door at the time of purchase/installation.

Remember, too, that the tax credit does not include the installation costs. But, if you made an eligible energy-saving product purchase in 2011, then just gather up your paperwork and file your claim when you file your taxes. It’s worth it, because you could still reduce your tax bill and save yourself some money.

I tell you precisely what you need to do to submit a claim this tax season in my article “Don’t Forget to Claim Your Energy Tax Credit!

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