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Customer Testimonials

“Tony and his co-workers did an outstanding job in replacing the patio doors and just as important, repairing the damage of time over 80 years — for this house was built in 1921. The improvements we have noted in the installation of your windows are just remarkable. There is an old saying—you get what you pay for—and we have been richly rewarded by your splendid performance.

In my old age it is comforting and reassuring to see such marked interest in doing the best job possible.”

Berry and Sara Willis
Norfolk, VA

“Your company put in our windows about 5 years ago. We came back to you to have our front door replaced. Yeah, we could have gone to Home Depot or Lowe’s, but your workmanship and work ethic is well worth every penny we spent. We will come back to you when we’re ready to have our back door replaced. I wish you guys did kitchens!”

Reggie and Yvonne Cyrus
Chesapeake, VA

“I’m still not quite certain as to how they were able to replace things so that one would never know anyone had even been in the house, much less having replaced some 32 windows this week.”

Earl and Glenn Snyder
Virginia Beach, VA

“We were very impressed with the daily performance of Neil Lowe and his team. They were consistently on time each day, executed a steady pace throughout the day, not wasting any time, and departing only after they had cleaned up inside and outside of the house. They were very careful inside the house, never failing to put on shoe covers each time they entered the house. I would like to single out Neil for his professional trim installation, and Manny for his intricate measurements.

I have used services in the Virginia Beach area since 1979, and your business is the only one that does it right in my mind. Your product is good, your service is spot on, and I was allowed to hold fees back until the punch list was completed. Outstanding work.”

William and Tamyr McWethy
Virginia Beach, VA

“I trust Andersen products and more importantly I trust your installation to be correct, neat, and to improve the value of my home. In today’s market, those qualities are rare.”

Andrew Malloy
Chesapeake, VA

“Our original reason for the siding and replacement windows was for cosmetic purposes. However, the benefits we are receiving from the airtight windows and siding was something we truly did not expect. Yesterday the temperature was 51 degrees outside. Inside our home, without any heat source, the temperature remained a constant 72 degrees

“[Mr. Rogers Windows] not only gave our home the exact look we wanted to achieve, but answered all of our questions and explained why things were being done the way they were. Tips on how to keep the siding clean and even where I could purchase the exact color of paint to match my fascia board was given so I could match my garage door…”

John and Laura Schultz
Virginia Beach, VA

“Your staff, both administrative and construction, were always very courteous, helpful, and their attention to detail and customer satisfaction were unsurpassed by any construction company that I have dealt with in my over thirty years as a Project Engineer overseeing numerous construction and contract management projects throughout the United States.”

Elwood E. Davis, Sr.
Norfolk, VA

“When Mr. Rogers paid us a visit, it was almost as if a friend stopped by and we were discussing the looks and needs of our home. The interest and enthusiasm shown by him in providing information on (really badly needed) repairs, improvements, and a 13½ foot bay window got us excited! …Hope you can make it back at Christmas to see the pleasure and decorative results we are dreaming up for that 13½ foot bay window.”

Bob Hayden
Virginia Beach, VA

“The salesman listened to ME (a woman) and offered a product that met my needs—not what he “thought” I needed. Another company would not even quote a price for a complete window to replace our rotting one. He kept pushing for a replacement sash only.

Your salesman not only took into consideration that I wanted a totally new window, he found one that met my other conditions too! Stainable inside, stainable outside, yet not all wood outside but a composite.

The two installers were good workers. Polite. Cleaned up entirely. I was surprised to see no stickers left on any surface. They had two difficult windows to remove and had to wrestle the old frames out. They never uttered a gripe, never cussed, just worked until the frame was free. Very nice workers.”

Vicki Breslin
Virginia Beach, VA

“I had a concern, as the caulk over the transom was not quite right. The Team Leader responded to my call the next morning and fixed the area within 24 hours.”

Jim and Joan Kippert
Yorktown, VA

“Mr. Rogers Windows replaced a door in our old house so we knew that your company would install a quality product. We live on the water and knew we needed expert installation. Our windows now look great and protect our investment.

Our home is on the water and we take fierce winds from the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic. After the windows were installed, my husband and I were shocked at how quiet the house is during a windstorm (the old windows used to rattle).

We used to have double-hung windows but the salesperson helped us choose sliders. Our view is so much better! Our waterfront home now seems to have a wall of windows! It’s beautiful!”

Keven and Judith O’Flaherty
Norfolk, VA

“Originally I had planned to use Lowe’s, but after four phone calls (that I had to initiate), and speaking with four different people, I decided I didn’t want this type of company. I stopped in your Kiln Creek store and from there till today at 2:30, when your installers left, everything went very smoothly.

When you all said something would be done, it was done and at the time stated. It was an extreme pleasure to work with your company and never again will I work with a “big box” store!

Thank you so much for you interest, courtesy, and professionalism. I will certainly come back to your for future windows.”

Carolee Taylor
Williamsburg, VA

“Installers treated our home as they would their own. They cleaned up as they worked and I can’t even tell they were here except now there are beautiful new doors and storm doors in place.”

Ed and Carol Lockard
Chesapeake, VA