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Customer Reviews Entry Door After 15 Years

I just have to share this note from an email I received from veteran customer, Mr. Blakeney.
Notes like this make my day!

“My wife asked me the other day how many times did I think the
sliding door going from our bedroom to the deck had been opened since it
was installed. I got to thinking about it. It is a Great Lakes door that
was installed at least 15 years ago. It goes from our bedroom onto the
deck. It is the main door we use for going to the back yard and deck and
to let our dogs outside. I counted openings this AM but quit when I got
to 20. I wasn’t happy paying what I did for the door and two other
windows at the time but we really got our moneys worth. If this isn’t
the right place to send this please forward to the right one. Thanks”

Thank you Mr. Blakeney! We appreciate your continued feedback after all these years.
This is the same wish I have for all my clients.

Gerry Rogers About Gerry Rogers

Gerry Rogers is the President of Mr. Rogers Windows

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