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What is the comparison between Fibrex and a milled wood window with aluminum cladding?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe milled wood window with aluminum cladding should be a great solution when you consider that covering the wood with aluminum should protect the wood from rot and maintenance. From our replacement experience, here’s what can happen…

Wood expands and contracts regardless of the finish… whether it’s painted or stained or covered. So the wood in a clad window does the same thing. It expands and contracts with weather. The wood expands a little bit and pushes the aluminum a little bit. Then the wood contracts. Well the clad does not contract. Over time this process results in hairline small cracks in the adhesive. This creates the condition for water and moisture to get in behind the cladding, usually unbeknownst to the homeowner. And the wood rots from the inside out.

If you decide to go with an aluminum clad window, here is my suggestion: Make sure you put a clear bead of silicone around the sashes each year. You should be able to prevent the moisture from seeping into the wood with diligent maintenance.

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