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What is the comparison between Fibrex and a milled wood window with aluminum cladding?

The milled wood window with aluminum cladding should be a great solution when you consider that covering the wood with aluminum should protect the wood from rot and maintenance. From our replacement experience, here’s what can happen… Wood expands and contracts regardless of the finish… whether Read more

What to Do with a Window That Won’t Close or Lock After Being Left Open in the Rain

After leaving  a window open during a rainstorm, you may find it hard to close or even lock the window.  The following are some things you can do to deal with the problem: Window that won’t close If your window is just difficult to close, the water that seeped in might have caused your window to Read more

What is a Buck Frame for Windows?

When homeowners research how to replace their windows, they are surprised to learn the buck frame is an important consideration. The majority of windows installed use a buck frame - but what is a buck frame and why is it important? Simply put, the buck frame, also known as a buck or wood buck, Read more

Why Custom Window Sizes Are A Better Buy Than Standard Measurements

"Why can't I just head over to my local home improvement store for new windows and do it myself?” This is a question I hear from time to time and it's one with important answers. Everyone these days is looking for both convenience and savings, which I completely understand. Whether shopping for Read more

“Help! My sliding door has stopped sliding!”

What an annoyance when you’re in a rush or have your hands full and you go to open your sliding patio door, but it’s stuck. This is not only frustrating because it slows you down, it can be a real safety hazard too. Customers who have come to us with the intention of replacing their sliding door Read more

Triple Pane Windows Can Be a Pain

Some window companies will tell you that 3 is better than 2. What I mean is triple pane windows are better than double pane. Well, that just isn't true. Triple panes may have been great back in the day, before window science evolved to make glass highly energy efficient. But today’s window Read more

Rumors about Vinyl Caused Frustration

A couple recently told me they were frustrated by all the research they had done on replacement windows and still felt confused about making the best choice. They had heard terrible things about vinyl and didn't want to make that mistake. When you start researching windows, it's like learning a Read more

Trim Work for Replacement Windows

I recently got a question about how the trim work is handled inside and outside when wood windows are replaced with vinyl and there is a lot of wood rot involved. This is a great question, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about the two types of window installation available — full frame Read more

Should replacement windows be installed directly over drywall?

Should the drywall be removed? No.  In fact, it’s common practice in a replacement window application that the drywall is not disturbed. This is the benefit of a custom-sized replacement window because it is manufactured to fit the existing opening, including any allowance for the drywall. There Read more

Any suggestions of good, but reasonably priced, replacement windows?

Price and cost are two different things! Price is what you pay when you purchase a product, but cost is what you end up paying for it over the course of its lifetime or for as long as you own it. So it’s usually smarter to pay a little more for something at the outset and get a better quality Read more