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How much is the energy tax credit for 2011?

Well, there’s been a lot of hopeful enthusiasm about energy tax credits in 2011. In fact, in September the Home Star program was promising to match a homeowner’s saved energy dollars based on previous energy consumption. Our hopes were dashed in the Senate last night as the bill sent to President Read more

Take Advantage of Window Tax Credits & Rebates Before They Expire

You don’t have much time left. If you undecided about replacing your windows and/or doors, it's time to get off the fence! The cold weather is just around the corner, and you have undoubtedly heard all the chatter from your tax advisers, the federal government and of course replacement window Read more

House Passes Home Star Energy Bill: Rebates on Replacement Windows to Stimulate Jobs, Economy

On May 6th, the US House of Representatives passed the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010. The Home Star Bill now moves on to the Senate for review before it will become law. This program is aimed at jump starting job growth by increasing energy efficient consumer purchases while reducing the Read more

Is it True that Virginia has an Energy Rebate?

Tax Credits…and Energy Rebates…and Discounts—Oh my!   I have been in this business for 25 years, and I have never seen a government program that offered this much money toward windows and doors replacements! Virginia's Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offers homeowners an exceptional Read more

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Hurt My Resell Value?

I Currently Have Wood Sash Windows. Does Replacing Them With Vinyl Windows Help Or Hurt My Resell Value? I get asked this question very often, in one form or another. So when I came across it again online I tried to respond. Unfortunately the comments were closed, and that's why I'm posting it now. Read more

IRS Says 30/30 Requirements For Replacement Window Tax Credit To Be Effective June 2

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a “Safe Harbor” provision to ease some of the confusion about the new energy tax credit for replacement windows, doors, and skylights. Under the provision, previous energy-efficiency standards were retroactively put in place for a limited time, Read more

Get Free Smart Sun Glass On Your Windows

Maybe you just watched my video on Smart Sun glass, so you know that not only is it going to cut your energy bills, it's going to qualify you for the $1,500 federal energy tax credit. And now you can get SmartSun glass on your Renewal by Andersen windows for free. Whether you replace just one Read more

The Easiest Way To Get Your $1,500 Tax Credit? Free SmartSun Glass…

Since the new energy tax credit passed back in February, every customer wants their piece of the Stimulus. Getting paid $1,500 for choosing top-rated replacement windows is a win-win. So obviously homeowners have been asking which windows qualify for the credit. The answer is any window with Read more

Window Tax Credit Confusion: Was There A Tax Credit In 2008? Can I Get Another Credit Now If I Already Got One?

A few days ago a customer called. He had replaced his windows last year, and wanted to know how he could get a tax credit. I hated to tell him, but there wasn’t a tax credit for new windows in 2008. How the original tax credit and the new credit relate has caused a lot of confusion with Read more

What Are The Requirements for the 2009-2010 Energy Tax Credit For New Windows?

The number one question customers ask about the new energy  tax credit for replacement windows is: “Which windows qualify?” It’s a great question, because the government has tightened up the standards. Back when the credit was first offered in 2006 and 2007, Energy Star certification was the only Read more