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Problems With Marvin Patio Door

Question: Marvin installed a sliding glass door in our home this fall. This week we had our first subzero temps with gusting wind. We noticed a lot of cold air around the door that slides. It leaks all around the floor and on the side  for several inches. I did the match test (hold a lit match up) Read more

Patio Doors: French Doors Versus Sliding Glass Doors

Question: Hi, I hope you can you help us with something. Myself and my wife just bought our first house. The living room has two sliding doors (patio doors). They’re pretty beat up and we want to replace them. We’re thinking about using French doors instead, but we’re not sure of the pros and Read more

Tips On Good Patio Door Locks

Question: Do you know any reliable after market locks for sliding patio doors? I’m not talking about those bars you put in the tracks, but an actual lock (like on a real door) you can use to secure it. Thanks. Answer: The best lock for a sliding glass patio door is a quality footlock. It’s Read more