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Will having a security company change a door lock on a Mr. Roger’s door void the warranty if they do the work and they don’t make any changes to the door opening for the new lock?

Will having a security company change a door lock on a Mr. Roger's door void the warranty if they do the work and they don't make any changes to the door opening for the new lock?   We want to have one of those key-less entry locks installed but don't know if this will void the warranty on the Read more

Answers to Privacy and Security Concerns About Front Door Sidelites

A friend who is shopping for a new front door for her home wants to brighten up the entry room. She’s considering a door with sidelites.  I think this is a great choice, but, she’s worried. Will she be giving up privacy and endangering her family’s security if she goes with a door with Read more

Can I Buy a Front Door With a $3000 Budget?

Gee, I'd like to say "yes," but you probably won't be very happy with that door in the long run! A good quality entry door will cost about $5000, but it will be worth every penny because it will last and look good for years to come. If you have started to shop around with the $3000 limit in mind, Read more

Does a transom need to be made of tempered glass?

Yes! All glass in and around a door opening has to be tempered glass, according to all building codes. In fact, it is even more important that transom glass is tempered, simply because of the height of the transom from the ground. Tempered glass, remember, is type of safety glass. It’s been Read more

I’m looking to install a ‘secure’ entry door on an elderly relative’s home. What’s the best core material for strength?

You could add a full iron bar security door, if you want to, but why cover up an entry door with ugly iron bars when you can keep the beauty of the front door and still be secure? So to “beef up” the door itself for maximum security, here are my four recommendations: • A Steel Door: It’s Read more

Do Blinds between the Glass improve energy efficiency? Alex

Good question, Alex! You know, it would seem that a window with a blind or a shade permanently sealed inside a window or door would offer greater energy efficiency. There are some companies out there that claim this is true. However, the key to understanding energy efficiency in windows is based Read more

Your Front Door is the ideal spot for your home’s Crown Jewels

I recently got a chance to talk with Caroline Renfro at WSOC-TV about front entry doors. In this short video I call your front door the ‘crown jewels’ of your home. Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. When you have an attractive door, you enhance your home Read more

What’s the scoop on fiberglass entry doors? The whole family’s coming in for the holidays and my wife wants to replace the door. ~ Alec

Today you can buy a stunning entrance door made out of fiberglass, Alec. The doors looks like wood, feels like wood, but it’s fiberglass! Your holiday guests will be green with envy because today’s fiberglass entry doors are gorgeous – you know that rich, classic look of old wood that just makes a Read more

How Much Do Auxiliary Footlocks for Sliding Doors Cost?

Great question! Below I have provided a link to the Andersen online parts website. This site will enable you to locate and order an auxiliary foot lock for patio doors online or provide you telephone numbers to call and talk with someone to place your order. Huh, imagine that a telephone and a Read more

Customer Reviews Entry Door After 15 Years

I just have to share this note from an email I received from veteran customer, Mr. Blakeney. Notes like this make my day! "My wife asked me the other day how many times did I think the sliding door going from our bedroom to the deck had been opened since it was installed. I got to thinking Read more