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Window Tax Credit Confusion: Was There A Tax Credit In 2008? Can I Get Another Credit Now If I Already Got One?

A few days ago a customer called. He had replaced his windows last year, and wanted to know how he could get a tax credit. I hated to tell him, but there wasn’t a tax credit for new windows in 2008. How the original tax credit and the new credit relate has caused a lot of confusion with Read more

What Are The Requirements for the 2009-2010 Energy Tax Credit For New Windows?

The number one question customers ask about the new energy  tax credit for replacement windows is: “Which windows qualify?” It’s a great question, because the government has tightened up the standards. Back when the credit was first offered in 2006 and 2007, Energy Star certification was the only Read more

How To Get Your Energy Tax Credit For New Windows And Doors

Customers have been asking a lot of questions about the new energy tax credit for home improvements. The federal government is giving big tax incentives for replacing windows and doors to save energy. I made this quick video to answer some of the questions: Energy Tax Credit for New Windows @ Read more

What Is A Good U-Factor For Replacement Windows?

Question: I need to replace my windows and would like them to be as efficient as economically feasible. Should the u factor be high or low? Also, what does the solar heat gain coefficient mean? Answer: This is a great question that a lot of people get tripped up on. U-factor (or U-Value) Read more

Which Windows Block UV Rays?

Question: Hi, I hope you can answer our question since I saw some stuff about UV rays on your site. We (my husband and I) bought new windows two years ago from another company. We got the Low-E because we were concerned about our hardwood floors and furniture and we didn’t want it to fade from Read more