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What is the comparison between Fibrex and a milled wood window with aluminum cladding?

The milled wood window with aluminum cladding should be a great solution when you consider that covering the wood with aluminum should protect the wood from rot and maintenance. From our replacement experience, here’s what can happen… Wood expands and contracts regardless of the finish… whether Read more

Replacement Window Companies stopped by FTC for Exaggerated Energy Claims

A recent article in the Washington Post reported that five companies had been under investigation by the FTC for “exaggerated and unsupported” marketing claims about the energy efficiency of their products, particularly replacement windows. I am glad to see news like this in the national press. Read more

Do you have windows with blinds in the glass?

We have Provia patio doors with blinds between the glass, but there are several reasons why I do not carry windows with blinds in the glass: First of all, you are simply going to lose on energy efficiency. The reason being is that when you put blinds between glass you really cannot create a Read more

Do Blinds between the Glass improve energy efficiency? Alex

Good question, Alex! You know, it would seem that a window with a blind or a shade permanently sealed inside a window or door would offer greater energy efficiency. There are some companies out there that claim this is true. However, the key to understanding energy efficiency in windows is based Read more

Do I still need to put storm windows over new energy-efficient windows? Rob

Glad you asked this, Rob. The answer is—absolutely not! Storm windows were invented many, many years ago for a very different type of window—a very high-maintenance window. Not sure how young or old you are, but maybe you recall those old windows with all the little panes. The panes were held Read more

We’ve got really old windows on our Dutch colonial home. How do we maintain the architecture and get energy-efficient windows?

Good news! You don’t have to give up the appearance and the structural ability of yesterday’s windows to get today’s technology. You just don’t. Choose window frames made of “engineered” lumber because they combine today’s technology with the beauty of real wood. Window frames made of today’s Read more

What windows keep the house as cool as possible, despite the outdoor heat? What should I look for on the label?

Great question, William. We are all feeling the heat this summer both temperature wise and in our wallets, so it is most important to get a window that is going to keep the heat outside and keep you cool inside while saving you money on your utility bills. Be sure you get a window that has Low Read more

How much is the energy tax credit for 2011?

Well, there’s been a lot of hopeful enthusiasm about energy tax credits in 2011. In fact, in September the Home Star program was promising to match a homeowner’s saved energy dollars based on previous energy consumption. Our hopes were dashed in the Senate last night as the bill sent to President Read more

Customer Reviews Entry Door After 15 Years

I just have to share this note from an email I received from veteran customer, Mr. Blakeney. Notes like this make my day! "My wife asked me the other day how many times did I think the sliding door going from our bedroom to the deck had been opened since it was installed. I got to thinking Read more

House Passes Home Star Energy Bill: Rebates on Replacement Windows to Stimulate Jobs, Economy

On May 6th, the US House of Representatives passed the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010. The Home Star Bill now moves on to the Senate for review before it will become law. This program is aimed at jump starting job growth by increasing energy efficient consumer purchases while reducing the Read more