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This bathroom window was installed upside down. Can I reverse the fixed sash?

Rather than flip the sashes around, it’s best just to re-install the window itself correctly. A local handyman can do that for you in an hour.

The main reason why you should just re-install the window is this: every glider window has an internal drainage systems in the bottom track. So, if the drainage system with its weep holes is not where it belongs, which is at the bottom of the window, that track is just going to fill up with water, which will overflow and leak down inside your wall rather than drain out the weep holes. This may be happening already…

This is bad for three reasons: (1) Your window will never function properly as is, (2) this is definitely going to void your warranty and (3) it’s going to cause damage to your house because it’s not draining properly.

Believe me, it’s must easier (and cheaper) to re-install the window!

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